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What are the characteristics of the landscape lighting project? Lighting company online answers

2021-07-26 03:12:02

What are the characteristics of the landscape lighting project? The landscape lighting project plays a key role in the improvement of the environment in the city, can effectively promote the development of commercial streets, is helpful to the improvement of citizens' consumption level, and is conducive to stimulating economic growth. The construction of the landscape lighting project has a positive impact on the development of various fields of the city. So, what are the characteristics of the landscape lighting project? Today, the lighting project will give you a comprehensive introduction.

The landscape lighting project refers to the outdoor lighting project that not only has the function of lighting, but also has the functions of artistic decoration and beautification of the environment. Landscape lighting projects usually cover a wide range and categories, and require overall planning thinking, while taking into account key points such as small scenes, buildings and other individual key lighting. Therefore, there are various lighting methods and the choice of lighting equipment is also complicated. , It has higher requirements for the overall ability of the lighting designer.


What are the characteristics of the landscape lighting project?

1. Functional design-to meet the functional requirements of lighting as the core. Illumination calculation, lighting arrangement is the main design content.

2. Environmental design-to improve environmental quality (beautiful, comfortable) as the core. The main content is the shape of lamps, light distribution design, light color planning, lighting levels, glare control, and harmony with the environment.

Thematic design-a design idea with a symbolic and narrative theme concept as the core

1. The lighting design incorporates certain ideological themes.

2. Brightening becomes a medium to express a certain concept, event, meaning or phenomenon.

3. The value of lighting design has been enhanced due to its ideological nature.

4. The lighting design not only has the aesthetic sense of form, but also has deep connotation, and establishes a connection with people's lives, social changes, natural phenomena, historical traditions and so on.

Brightening: The design level that demands the quantity of lighting to meet the basic needs of lighting. What people feel is no longer the light and shadow changes brought about by the lighting technology, but from behind the artistic effect presented by the light, they can feel the story that the designer wants to tell, the sense of social responsibility they assume, and the sense of the universe. secret.

What are the characteristics of the landscape lighting project? The landscape lighting project is based on the lighting quality, and the lighting design has levels to meet people's spiritual and aesthetic needs. The way to interpret the cultural connotation of the city and express natural or social phenomena in the form of light, thus forming a new way of cultural transmission.






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