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Introduce the knowledge of hotel night scene lighting design

2021-08-27 09:19:11

Hotel lighting design can use different architectural styles to express its brand characteristics vividly and vividly from the perspective of humanistic characteristics. Clarify the architectural style, take the building as the main body, position the lighting theme, combine the unique architectural style, carry out innovative design on the existing basis, highlight its own highlights, and outline the overall hotel image in a personalized and changing way. Next, I will introduce to you the knowledge of hotel night lighting design.


The more advanced the night view lighting design of the hotel, the appropriate light distribution is often selected according to the hotel's architectural structure and space ratio. According to the room-to-space ratio of different functional areas of the hotel, the light distribution parameters of the light distribution curve, such as the light intensity distribution, the central light intensity and the half light intensity, are screened to create a luminous flux effect.

Aesthetics and practicality are indispensable, which fully embodies the organic combination of hotel night scene lighting technology and art, starting from functional requirements, and realizing reasonable lighting functions. Use the appropriate lighting method in the appropriate space to combine economy and beauty to achieve an aesthetic effect. With very little investment, create a pleasing hotel night lighting project.






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